5 new and cool boat decks

A new and fun way to enjoy the water is to build your own custom floating deck!These decks are made of a mixture of recycled materials that can be used in a number of different ways.The design of the deck is based on the principles of a “float-able house”, where water flows naturally around the structure.This means that you can […]

When is the best time to ride a hot tub?

The answer is not always obvious.As many people will attest, there is no perfect time to get in and out of a hot bath, so let’s start there.The ideal time to go to a hot water bath is during the day, so the water is warm and the temperature is just right.You can soak up as much as you want […]

How to create your own concrete deck blocks

I’ve been building my own concrete decks for years.I started with my dad’s old house in Austin, Texas, which had an old wooden deck, but I wanted to use concrete as my foundation.When I was a kid, I wanted concrete to be my primary building material.So I started looking for ways to build concrete decks.I wanted a way to build […]