When is a win not a win? — Part 1

When a team loses a close game and then plays well enough to get a win, that’s a win.The team with the better record in that game should have more than enough chances to make the playoffs.And that’s exactly what happened in the AFC title game against the Broncos.If you’re a Broncos fan and you’re watching the game this weekend, […]

Why is this Trex deck stain so popular?

By now, you probably have a ton of decking stain ideas in your head.You’re probably thinking of different decking stains that are cheaper than the $15 stain.But what if you can get a stain for $15, too?This deck stain is called Behr, and it’s one of the most popular stain options for $10,000+.You can find it in a wide variety […]

What is a ‘tribute’ and what does it mean?

Santia deck post card: A card used to represent a person, place, or thing.A card used by a card-carrying member of a card deck.A card of a particular colour, shape, size, or other characteristic.A deck or a group of decks that are used to hold cards or cards in place and to act as a deck in a game.A player […]