Tech Deck Dudes Gets Decked in New Gear, Tech Sealer

DECKS: TECH DUDES GETS DAMAGED!It looks like DECKSHELLS, the most popular tool for deck building and deck sealers has a bit of a fall out with the Tech Deck Dude.Techdudes recently started to get a bit frustrated with the lack of updates in the Gear Sayers tool.The company says that Gear Sakers are now available as a download for free […]

What you need to know about the Japanese company that’s been collecting decking stains from the sea

Japanese company Cumaru has been collecting ocean-floor stains for more than a century.Now, thanks to a new app, it’s finally available to consumers.┬áThe app uses geotagging technology to help you see where you can find decking and stains, and when.It also lets you track your progress by tracking the time it takes to complete the job, and by checking the […]