How to create a skateboard deck that doesn’t look like a skatepark

The ultimate skateboard design, which features a full-length deck with a full length board that looks like a deck of skateboards. In this case, it’s the “Bike” deck, which was designed by a designer from London based studio Sculpture Works. It’s the kind of design that would be perfect for an outdoor venue.The Bike deck, designed by the London-based studio sculpturesworks, is designed to stand out […]

What’s on the horizon for wood products in 2017

Wood products have long been a source of economic opportunity for Canada.And, for the first time in Canada’s history, the country has started to see an increase in wood products, with a major jump in imports last year, according to a government report released Thursday.Wood products accounted for 19.2% of total trade in goods with the United States in 2017, […]