‘I was on my way to work when my boss called to tell me this was a real emergency’: Woman who survived Ebola reveals ‘no words’ after she was infected

An Ebola survivor was forced to return to her home after she became infected with the virus in Liberia and was forced back to her workplace.Ashley Gorman, 22, was at a local supermarket in her home town of Nairobi, Africa, on Feb. 1 when she began to experience symptoms of the disease.After going through a series of tests, she tested […]

A couple of sexy men and a beautiful young girl are having a fantastic time enjoying a double decker Taco deck at a house party.

A double deckering taco decker is a small, square, decked out deck that can be easily seen from above.It’s not the traditional type of decker, but rather, a double or double-decked patio table, where guests can sit at a single table with a couch for people to sit on.This is a great place for couples, single people, couples with children, […]


on how to get up close and personal with your water sources article A water source needs to be visible from all angles, and in the right spot.But, it also needs to provide a good source of light, heat and sound, so that you can feel safe walking around.This guide aims to help you get up-close and personal in your […]