Why I think Baker deck is underrated

The new season of The Bakersfield Magic is about to kick off with a special episode featuring the Baker’s deck, featuring a pair of talented musicians.The Bakersfields newest installment, The Baker Deck, is a jazz-based jam band that’s been performing since 2014.The show is filled with tunes that are reminiscent of a more contemporary jazz-rock outfit, like “Dancing Queen” and […]

Here’s how the new deck looks with a tinted lamp

Lights in this photo were removed to keep the color consistent with the rest of the house.The deck stain colors are different.The white light that used to show up in the kitchen is gone.Instead, the light is a bright, deep purple.The red light is the only light that was used in the house before this new deck was installed.The kitchen […]

Seahawks’ Percy Harvin on potential suspension: ‘We’re going to do what we gotta do’

Seahawks tight end Percy Harwin told reporters Friday that he’s prepared to accept a one-game suspension if he receives a positive test for marijuana, according to the Seattle Times.“We’re still trying to figure out exactly what’s going to happen.I’m not going to get into details right now.I can’t talk about it.I’ll just say that I’ll accept that suspension,” Harwin said.“But […]