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Trump is a fascist and anti-Semite, NYT says

Trump is a fascist and anti-Semite, NYT says

Trump’s latest attack on the press came in a column on Tuesday from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who claimed the president was a fascist because he was willing to sacrifice people for his own self-interest.

The column was written by Krugman and was published on Tuesday afternoon.

It was titled, “Fascism is a form of totalitarianism.”

Krugman wrote that Trump was a “fascist” because he would sacrifice people who he knew would vote for him and to his detriment, and that he was a white supremacist because of his desire to make America a better place.

“He’s a white nationalist who’s willing to give up some of his most cherished rights, his most powerful allies, his friends and allies to preserve the American way of life, and his own survival,” he wrote.

“His agenda is anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and homophobia.

He’s willing, and in some cases, eager, to give in to his impulses, to the whims of his supporters, to his opponents, and to the impulses of the powerful.

It’s not clear how much of that is real, but it is dangerous, and it’s dangerous for the country.”

Krunch’s comments come a day after he called on the president to be impeached, arguing that Trump had no right to be in office.

He also accused the president of having “betrayed the country” in his response to the attacks on the Jewish community center in Kansas.

“The president’s comments to the Jewish leaders were profoundly disturbing,” Krunch wrote.

“They reflect a dangerous level of authoritarianism, a disregard for the rule of law, and a reckless disregard for democratic norms.

The president also called the violence in Kansas “a cowardly act of terrorism” on Tuesday and said that it was “not a good thing” that the Jews were targeted.””

In a recent interview with the New York Post, the president said that ‘our country is going to hell’ if it does not protect its Jewish citizens from threats, which is why he had to act.”

The president also called the violence in Kansas “a cowardly act of terrorism” on Tuesday and said that it was “not a good thing” that the Jews were targeted.

“It is a terrible thing that’s happening,” Trump said.

“We’re seeing the worst that’s ever happened to a country.”

Trump was referring to the shooting of a black church pastor by a white man, after he had condemned white supremacist David Duke’s endorsement of his presidential campaign.

Krumpter’s article drew criticism from the White House.

In a statement, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the column was “misleading and untrue.”

“President Trump’s rhetoric and actions over the past year have demonstrated he is not a man of the people and is out of touch with everyday Americans,” she said.

Sanders also criticized the president for “blatantly” lying about the violence at a Jewish community centre.

“While President Trump has said repeatedly that he condemns white supremacy, he is the president and he is our commander-in-chief, and there is no place for lying or equivocating when it comes to our nation’s security,” she wrote.

The president did not address the violence on Tuesday, instead calling it a “very sad day for our country.”

“There is no room for false equivalency in this country,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One en route to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, in a news conference.

The statement did not mention any names of the Jewish victims.


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