‘Fantastic’ new Taco Bell restaurant features taco-flavored beer in interior design

‘Fantastic’ new Taco Bell restaurant features taco-flavored beer in interior design

NEW YORK (AP) A new taco-themed restaurant in New York’s Upper West Side is a dream come true for the restaurant’s chef, who hopes to create a taco-inspired environment for patrons to enjoy their tacos.

Taco Bell’s new restaurant, which opened Thursday, features a taco themed interior design and a new, Taco Bell-branded beer, said Michael Graziano, the company’s head of food services and innovation.

“Taco is one of our most popular menu items,” Grazio said.

“I think it’s very unique and unique to Taco Bell, and I think the fans will really love it.”

The new Taco Bar is one the first Taco Bells to feature a taco theme.

The bar’s name translates to taco or taco bar in Spanish.

Graziano said the bar features an array of Taco Bell tacos, including the new Double-Echo and Double-Lite tacos, as well as the taco-shaped Taco King taco, Taco King Double-Chef and the Taco King Taco Poutine, all served with a margarita.

Grits and sour cream also make up the bar’s menu.

The bar also features a new taco menu.

Grocery store owner and Taco Bell franchisee, David Kallman, said Taco Bell is the first company to use the taco motif to promote the new Taco Shop.

“It’s a new way to bring the concept to life,” Kallmen said.

Tacos are a staple of the restaurant, with a full menu of four to six tacos.

Taco Bell restaurants also offer a wide variety of craft beer on tap.

Gazzarella, a chef who has worked at other Taco Bell chains including Wendy’s and Burger King, said he was inspired to create Taco Bar by a taco trip he had on the Lower East Side, where he was surprised to see how much the restaurant had changed.

“I came home and said, ‘Oh, my goodness, what’s this?’,” Gazzarella said.

Gazarella’s wife, Stephanie, said the Taco Bar will be similar to the Taco Bell Lounge, which is now located in the new building’s West Side lounge area.

She said Taco Bar would include a full bar with a taco menu and a taco bar table.

“The bar will be a taco and a margiadillo bar,” she said.

The restaurant, Grazia said, is set to open by April, but details of pricing and seating options have not been determined.