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The Best of the Week: The Vanessa Decker Interview

The Best of the Week: The Vanessa Decker Interview

I’ve always wanted to know how a truck bed is made, and now I have the chance to do so, in the most informative and insightful interview ever.

The Decker Interview is a series that explores the lives of everyday American families through the lens of the people who make them.

I love that she shares her thoughts and her experience with these trucks, and she is not afraid to share them with us, whether that’s in person or through an audio recording.

In this episode, I’m joined by Vanessa Decker, the host of the podcast Vanessa’s Journey, and the creator of the documentary Vanessa and the Decker Family.

We chat about her family’s history in the U.S. auto industry, her husband’s work as a trucker, the challenges of being a single mother in the industry, and much more.

It’s a fascinating look at how a family grows and changes and evolves over time, and this interview is sure to be a great introduction to the Decker family’s stories.


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