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‘I was on my way to work when my boss called to tell me this was a real emergency’: Woman who survived Ebola reveals ‘no words’ after she was infected

‘I was on my way to work when my boss called to tell me this was a real emergency’: Woman who survived Ebola reveals ‘no words’ after she was infected

An Ebola survivor was forced to return to her home after she became infected with the virus in Liberia and was forced back to her workplace.

Ashley Gorman, 22, was at a local supermarket in her home town of Nairobi, Africa, on Feb. 1 when she began to experience symptoms of the disease.

After going through a series of tests, she tested positive for Ebola.

Gorman returned to work that same day and the next day, her husband called her to the store to let her know she was on the list to be quarantined.

The couple decided to take their daughter to the hospital for treatment, but she was unable to leave the building.

“My heart sank, and I just said, ‘You know, I need to go,'” Gorman told The Washington Times.

“She said, [expletive] I can’t leave my job, I can only come back home and be in isolation and I have to stay in quarantine,” Gorman said.

Gormer, who is black, was able to return home and return to work the following day, but her symptoms continued to worsen.

On Feb. 9, Gorman was transferred to a hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, where she received her first dose of the experimental drug ZMapp, a medication that is used to treat the virus.

Gromer said she went through a period of being at home with her daughter, but after about three weeks she was able return to school.

She returned to her job, but Gorman and her daughter had to return back to Nairobiseto return to their homes.

“We were at home, but we didn’t get to see our family,” Gormer said.

“So we were trying to go back to our families to see them.

I was able just to be with her and hold her.

I thought, ‘I’m going to be okay.'”

Gorman said she was devastated by the situation.

“I was very upset, but I was just so relieved, because we didn


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