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Dublin man and his son have built a deck of Dublin decks

Dublin man and his son have built a deck of Dublin decks

A Dublin man and son have constructed a deck that features the city’s city skyline as well as the iconic Dublin skyline and is currently on display at the Menards building on The Mall in Dublin.

The deck, titled The Dublin Deck, is a collection of more than 60 unique decks of different styles and styles, which will be on display for the next two years.

It will be displayed for two years, from the beginning of the 2020/21 season.

The Dublin Deck features the iconic skyline of Dublin and the famous Dublin Castle, as well the City Hall, the Garda Station, the St Patrick’s Cathedral, the City Gardens, the North Side of Dublin, and the area around the city.

“It’s going to be a really exciting exhibition,” said Andrew O’Brien, who has been building the deck for the past eight years.

“We’ve just got to make sure that we put a couple of things together to create something that people will love.”

He said the deck has a certain appeal to people of all ages.

“The Dublin skyline is something that’s been there for a long time, it’s very, very iconic,” he said.

“People have seen it and it’s something that I like to put on my deck.”

There’s something very exciting about it.

The Dublin skyline has been there since the 14th century, so it’s a very, really important part of the city, and it has an incredibly strong connection to the city itself.

“Mr O’Connor said the decks were constructed using a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, concrete and more.”

In the first couple of years, we didn’t have much money so we went and bought some scrap from the car park.

Then we started to buy things that we didn’ t have anywhere else to put it,” he added.”

That gave us the inspiration to start this thing and we’ve really enjoyed it so far.

“People are going to really enjoy it and be able to sit back and admire the buildings and the skyline, as they see it from a certain angle.”

He added that the deck will also be a great place for kids to play games, as it will be fun for them to watch the ships that pass by and the boats that go past, as the deck can also be used for events.

Mr OBrien said that while the deck was initially intended for his son, who is six years old, it has grown into a permanent home for his daughter.

“I just think that it’s an amazing piece of art that you can go and hang on your wall and have people come and enjoy it.”

Everyone is going to enjoy it.

“The deck was created by local artist Andrew OConnor who also created the deck from the ground up.

He said that he and his father designed the deck to be light weight, but also be able for people to enjoy the deck in a different way.”

Our deck has been designed to have different dimensions so that it can be displayed with other items, like the posters, which we’ve got hanging on the wall, and also the other pieces, like a poster board or a book,” he explained.”

So it’s designed to be used as a place for children to sit down and watch their favourite movies or TV shows, which they can also put up their own posters, too.

“He explained that the board will also give the deck a different look to other decks in the city because of its colour palette, but he said that it is not just for the city but for the surrounding area.”

You can go into the store and buy your own posters to hang on the side of your deck and you can also get your own card stock, so there are lots of different different uses for this,” he told

Mr Berenson said that the Cork man is a well-known figure in the local community and he is looking forward to showcasing the deck at Menards in the coming months.”

He’s been building these decks for a number of years now and we are all really excited about it,” said Mr Berenston.”

Obviously we have seen a lot of different decks come up in the past, but this one is different.

It has a very distinct Dublin feel to it.

It will definitely be a popular piece for people who like the Dublin skyline.

“He continued:”We’re really looking forward going down there and having people come down and have a look, and see what all the fuss is about.

“They might even be going there to visit a different part of town or maybe even to visit their own house.”

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