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Deck Around Pool

Deck Around Pool

The best deck around pool.

New York’s Deck Around pool is a unique event where you can get your own custom deck and win big.

But what if you just want to play a deck that you like?

That’s the premise behind Deck Around, a series of events run by New York-based deck builder, John Kaldheim, who has put together a series that are designed to give you a deck you can play in whatever you like, whenever you like. 

The first event, Deck Around 2, is on June 26. 

This will be your first chance to win a custom deck, and you can win it for $500. 

You can win $150 worth of cash prizes, and $100 worth of real prizes. 

To enter the contest, you’ll need to submit your own deck to John’s DeckAround.com website and post it in the comments section of the thread, where the comments are monitored by the site admins. 

Each deck is $15 to enter, and the winner will receive a full $500 prize pool. 

At the end of the tournament, the winning deck will be showcased on the website, and all of the entrants will have their name added to the “Top 50” list. 

I had a blast playing this deck, which is a combination of my favorite decks, and I love the idea of being able to make something new for myself.

I’ll definitely be playing again soon! 

The Deck Around series is open to everyone and can be viewed on Deck Around’s website.