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When will the Cavs’ new roof be ready?

When will the Cavs’ new roof be ready?

By Matt SlocumThe new roof for the Cavs locker room and practice facility will debut in 2018, as expected, but the building’s location in the heart of downtown Cleveland, where it will be located for a full year, has raised some questions about how long it will take to build the new roof.

The building is being designed by Frank Gehry, and the company that built the structure has confirmed to ESPN that it will go up in 2019, according to multiple sources.

The new building’s main entrance will be the first in the NBA to feature a retractable roof, which allows for the roof to be completely enclosed during construction.

Gehry was also able to secure the roof, and it will reportedly be installed within a year of the Cavs opening their season in 2021.

It is unclear when construction will begin on the roof for Cavs games, as there have been reports of construction delays, with construction expected to begin at the end of this month.

It will also be possible to view the roof in real time during games.

The roof is expected to have its roof-mounted cameras, sound systems, and other upgrades as well, and some fans have even expressed their excitement for the new design.

The new roof will also have a video scoreboard in the lobby and the team will have access to the roof from the practice court, which will be used to watch video replays.

Construction on the building will be done using a combination of steel and concrete, and according to sources, the entire roof of the facility will be comprised of at least 10 million panels, which is a massive increase over the previous design.

Some reports have also suggested that the roof will be covered in glass, which could provide additional privacy for fans.

However, construction of the new building will begin in 2019 and likely finish in 2020.

It’s unclear how long the new structure will be up, but it is expected that the building would be open to the public throughout the 2020-21 season, which includes the Cavs regular season.

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