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Which QBs will be your best bet to win the 2018 Super Bowl?

Which QBs will be your best bet to win the 2018 Super Bowl?

How do we know which quarterbacks are most likely to win this year’s Super Bowl MVP award?

The answer is simple: The NFL has the most popular players.

The following is a list of the top 20 quarterbacks in the NFL.1.

Eli Manning2.

Andrew Luck3.

Philip Rivers4.

Russell Wilson5.

Marcus Mariota6.

Carson Palmer7.

Ryan Tannehill8.

Andrew Rodgers9.

Matt Ryan10.

Jay Cutler11.

Russell Okung12.

Philip Bumpkin13.

Matt Schaub14.

Blake Bortles15.

Josh McCown16.

Matt Cassel17.

Derek Carr18.

Alex Smith19.

Joe Flacco20.

Dak PrescottThe list includes all of the NFL’s top quarterbacks and their top teams, along with their current stat line and playoff odds.

The odds of a Super Bowl champion will change based on the number of games the champion wins and the number that is played.

The number of total regular-season wins for the champions also is a factor.

Here is the list of players with the most wins:1.

Tom Brady2.

Peyton Manning3.

Aaron Rodgers4.

Drew Brees5.

Andrew Ryan6.

Russell Carr7.

Philip Collins8.

Matthew Stafford9.

Robert Griffin III10.

Derek Anderson11.

Matt Stafford12.

Joe Haden13.

Tony Romo14.

Matt Leinart15.

Andrew Miller16.

Kirk Cousins17.

Robert Kelley18.

Drew Stanton19.

Cam Newton20.

Eli Sanchez