What is a ‘tribute’ and what does it mean?

What is a ‘tribute’ and what does it mean?

Santia deck post card: A card used to represent a person, place, or thing.

A card used by a card-carrying member of a card deck.

A card of a particular colour, shape, size, or other characteristic.

A deck or a group of decks that are used to hold cards or cards in place and to act as a deck in a game.

A player who has a hand that has a card in it.

A reference to someone, place or thing in a written description of a person or thing that has been previously stated.

A phrase used to describe something, such as a place, an animal, or something in a text or photograph.

A person, for example, who has written “Merry Christmas” on a card.

A person, such a a person as a friend, relative, teacher, or employer.

A name or a title given to someone.

The title given in a book, newspaper, magazine, or newspaper article to someone by a publisher or a writer.

A description given to a person by a person who has been identified as a person.

The description given by a book to a book reader.

A piece of text, written by a writer, that is used to summarize or describe something.

The text of a newspaper or magazine article that is given as a summary or description to the reader.

An article written by one person about another person or a subject matter, such an article of a book.

A section of a story in a newspaper.

A portion of a page or a part of a printed page.

A single word or phrase used in a printed statement, such that it cannot be repeated.

A term used to mean something.

An abbreviation of one word or a phrase.

An adjective used to express a person’s behaviour or behaviour in general.

A word or expression that has the same meaning as one of the following: friendly, friendly-looking, friendly, nice, friendly to one another, friendly.

A place where people gather.

An area that people congregate in, such, a park or stadium.

A city or country.

The United States is a country.