‘The Ocean Deck’ on the way to Belfast for Irish tour

‘The Ocean Deck’ on the way to Belfast for Irish tour


In what is the most unusual, unique and spectacular display of a shipwreck in the Northern Ireland coastline for years, a ship from the world famous Titanic fleet has been found at the bottom of the ocean near Newport Beach, the city’s main harbour.

The discovery was made on Tuesday morning when a vessel belonging to the Royal Irish Navy’s shipyard in Belfast, the U.K.’s most famous shipyard, was being towed by an American-flagged boat off the coast.

The ship was discovered by an employee of the Newport Beach Fire Department who was looking for an underwater parking space.

It was discovered about 100 metres off the beach by a passing ship.

A team of divers from the Royal Ulster Constabulary, a local coastguard vessel, were on the scene for several hours before the ship was spotted by a fishing boat, who then reported the find to the ULC police, who began searching the area for the ship.

The crew of the ULTRA CONSERVATION is a marine salvage company that specializes in shipwrecks.

It is the first time that a ship has been located in Newport Beach since the Titanic sank in 1912, according to Newport Beach Mayor Mark Dolan.

“We’ve had no sightings of a Titanic ship in years, but this is a fantastic find, I am very pleased that the ULLC have been able to locate it,” he said.

“This will be a fantastic showcase for the ULS and the other vessels we have in the area.”

The ship is estimated to be at least 100 years old, and was built by the German firm of Dreyer and Meyer in 1897.

The Titanic, which set off on her maiden voyage on July 14, 1912, was a large-class ship which included the famous lifeboats and lifeboats, as well as lifeboats for passengers and crew.

It was the largest passenger liner of the day and one of the most successful in the world.


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