Here’s how the new deck looks with a tinted lamp

Here’s how the new deck looks with a tinted lamp

Lights in this photo were removed to keep the color consistent with the rest of the house.

The deck stain colors are different.

The white light that used to show up in the kitchen is gone.

Instead, the light is a bright, deep purple.

The red light is the only light that was used in the house before this new deck was installed.

The kitchen was the only area that had the deck.

But the deck stain, along with the lights in the living room, will make this room a little darker than usual.

This new deck is a nice change.

But how about the light fixtures in the bedroom?

They’re all bright and white, but not very much color.

That could be the case because these fixtures were installed a few months ago.

If that’s the case, the kitchen could be a little warmer, which could make it feel a little bit more inviting.

Here’s the deck and its light fixtures.

I like the new colors.

If you prefer, you can also see the fixtures in a different light and shade.

The lighting in the dining room is just a tad more muted than the kitchen.

I like the light, but I think the color palette isn’t very appealing.

Maybe the white is a little too bright.

I also feel like there’s too much color in the light in the center of the room.

I’m not sure why there’s so much color, but it’s there.

I feel like that might be a bit too much.

I’d prefer if it were a bit more muted.