What you need to know about the Japanese company that’s been collecting decking stains from the sea

What you need to know about the Japanese company that’s been collecting decking stains from the sea

Japanese company Cumaru has been collecting ocean-floor stains for more than a century.

Now, thanks to a new app, it’s finally available to consumers. 

The app uses geotagging technology to help you see where you can find decking and stains, and when.

It also lets you track your progress by tracking the time it takes to complete the job, and by checking the progress of the project on the site.

“We started out by working on ocean floors, and as time went on, we started to collect marine debris,” says Cesar Paredes, Cumaru’s vice president of product development.

“So it’s now been about 60 years since we started collecting marine debris, so we’ve been collecting for over a decade.”

The company is also working on a new project to use a new technology, which is called a “deck stain,” to make its own deck stains.

That means you can now take a shower or shower gel to a surface and start painting or wiping it off with a sponge, or even take a coat of paint and wipe it off again.

“When you are cleaning a sink, you can use a sponge or sponge spray,” Parede says.

“You can paint on the sponge or spray the sponge onto the surface.”

So far, the app has only been available in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese, but it will soon be available in English and German.

If you’re looking to take a bath, Pareds says you can do it with a “clean sponge.”

“You put your finger in the water, wipe it and then wipe it again,” he says.

The app can also use the “snow-tiled” method of cleaning, which uses sand, water, and ice to get rid of stains.

Paredres says that once the app is installed on your phone, it’ll take you to a menu where you’ll choose where you want to clean.

“It’s very similar to using the wash cycle,” he explains.

“In the water you go to the ’tiled’ and then you take a sponge to the surface.

The sponge and the sand can get to the same spot, and then the water will take it away.

It’s very, very similar.”

The app is currently in beta, so it may not be 100% accurate, but Paredis says the app works in theory.

He also notes that while it will take a long time to clean the stains off, it is possible to do so in under five minutes.