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What do you do when your friends don’t come for a game? This Pokemon deck shows how to beat them

What do you do when your friends don’t come for a game? This Pokemon deck shows how to beat them

You may be playing Pokémon Go and you haven’t heard the last of them.

You may have been walking into a cafe and someone told you to get your friends together and play a few rounds.

But now, as you sit there chatting away, you realize that your friend is still at home.

This deck was created to show how you can easily use Pokemon Go to beat your friends and keep them out of your way.

The deck is built around the most common moves in the game, so it’s easy to understand what you should do in certain situations.

The first move is the most basic of them all: Hidden Power.

When you use this move, your Pokemon becomes a powerful one, which means they can be used in ways you couldn’t before.

Hidden Power Pikachu is the one who uses this move.

As with most Pokemon, Hidden Power is used in a number of different ways.

PokeBall The pokeball is the Pokemon’s main form of attack, so this is where it gets its name.

It uses up a lot of energy and takes a lot to charge up, so its better to save it for other uses.

DodgeBall Another pokeball, this one is used for evasive maneuvers.

Its a little bit more difficult to use as the attack requires a little more skill to land.

QuickBall This move can be fired at a single target or a large group of targets.

When it hits a target, it creates an area of confusion that makes it harder for the enemy to hit you.

RollingStone This pokeball can be thrown into an area to create an area-of-effect.

Sometimes it can also be used to attack the enemy.

Growl This is used to get rid of any pesky bugs and grasshoppers.

Once you have one of these, you can use it as a move that hits enemies in a line.

Scratch This attack hits foes in the same area as Hidden Power and RollingStone, which can be very effective if you can dodge it.

RockClamp This one is only used to stop Pokemon from moving and hitting you.

This move can also stop Pokemon if you’re in the area of effect of Rollingstone.

Shadow Ball A very simple move that does little damage, but it does do a lot for your team.

It can be useful in areas that you can’t attack because of the enemy’s movements.

Spikes Spiders are enemies in the Pokemon game, and this one can be quite useful.

Spikes are not too tough to defeat, and the spikes are quite effective against Pokemon with high stats.

PoisonPowder This special move can help to poison your opponents, but you should be careful about using this move to hit your teammates.

Poison is the only type of damage that this moves can deal to you.