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Why Skirting a New ‘Trump’ Candidate? You Might Just Get a Second Chance

Why Skirting a New ‘Trump’ Candidate? You Might Just Get a Second Chance

Posted July 06, 2019 10:33:48If Donald Trump doesn’t want to run, he should probably get out of the race.

If he does, there’s a second chance to change his mind and enter the race again. 

That’s the message from a prominent Republican strategist who was a former adviser to both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, was a supporter of Trump and the man who could end the GOP’s long reign of terror in the Senate.

He recently said he would be open to being Trump’s running mate, but that the businessman’s campaign needs to move beyond his divisive rhetoric.

“It’s time to start thinking about how to turn the country around, not just the politics,” said the strategist, Michael Caputo, a former Romney adviser.

“I would not be a good running mate if I thought that I would be a great president.

I think we need to have a conversation about how we’re going to get out from under the shadow of Trump.”

Caputo, who has been advising Republican presidential candidates for more than three decades, told CNN that Trump’s rise and eventual defeat in the presidential election should have prompted an urgent conversation about whether the country needs another president.

“The problem with Trump was not that he was a bigot,” Caputo said.

“The problem was he was divisive.

It was a symptom of the problem.

He was a problem in terms of how to fix it.”

If Trump does not run again, the next person to run for president could be a Republican.

A number of Republicans have said they could run in 2020.

But they have been careful to say they are not considering it.

“In the past, I’ve said I’d run if I could,” former New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie said last week.

“But if I didn’t have a reason, I wouldn’t.

I’m not interested in running again.

I don’t believe I’m qualified.”

Other Republicans, like Sens.

Mike Lee of Utah and Marco Rubio of Florida, have also said they are unlikely to run.

Caputo is one of several Republican strategists who say the party needs to get serious about revamping its image in order to win back the White House.

He said the party’s leaders have “made some terrible mistakes” during Trump’s presidency, and that the current Republican Party needs to make a major change if it wants to regain the White the country will vote for in November.

“The party needs an economic agenda that gets to a middle class and a working class, and not just a white middle class,” Capututo said in an interview with CNN.

Caputo has long been critical of Trump, even as he voted for his presidential bid in 2016.

He criticized the businessman for repeatedly criticizing the nation’s healthcare system and then making inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants.

Caputino said Trump has not been a leader in the fight against terrorism and has failed to make America safe.

Trump has since apologized for his remarks about Mexican and African-American immigrants.

He has also called for a ban on Muslims entering the country and said the United States should build a wall along the border to keep people out.

On the campaign trail, Caputo repeatedly called out Trump and other GOP presidential candidates in 2016 for being racist and xenophobic.

He said the comments showed Trump’s inability to win over Republican voters.

Caputo’s comments come as a major shift for the GOP.

It’s not uncommon for political campaigns to engage in more than one primary or caucus, but it’s rare for the party to field multiple candidates.

The last time the GOP fielded multiple candidates was in 1988, when former Florida Gov.

Bob Dole and former Pennsylvania Sen. Richard Lugar, who was then running for president as an independent, joined forces to form the National Republican Congressional Committee.

That group was the first to field a presidential candidate, although it was not the last.

A group of Republican governors, including Ohio Gov.

John Kasich, former Arkansas Gov.

Mike Huckabee, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, formed the American Conservative Union, a conservative group that promotes free markets and opposes abortion rights.

There were also two candidates in the 2016 race who made their way to the national stage through the NRCC.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Gardner and Texas Sen


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