‘We’ve got to get a little bit smarter’ with privacy wall

‘We’ve got to get a little bit smarter’ with privacy wall

When you need to keep a close eye on the activities of your private life, it’s best to keep it private.

A new privacy wall built for the American Airlines flight attendant who died while boarding an American Airlines plane last week could be a game changer.

Passengers on the flight were surprised to see the wall, which was installed on the front of the plane, in place, the Associated Press reported.

American Airlines spokeswoman Julie Brown said in a statement that the new privacy screen was installed to give flight attendants a way to monitor what other passengers were doing while on board, and that it’s part of a company-wide initiative.

“This is an important and necessary step in the right direction,” she said.

“We are thankful that the passengers on this flight were not the only ones impacted by this incident.”

The airline said in its statement that American will install a similar screen at other airports and said passengers will have the option to turn it off.