Ben Carson has ‘no plan’ to light up deck at his home

Ben Carson has ‘no plan’ to light up deck at his home

Ben Carson is reportedly exploring lighting up his deck, saying he doesn’t know how to make a “sensible” deck lighting plan.

The retired neurosurgeon has been a fixture on his estate since the 1960s, but his latest home has been beset by water damage.

He recently began work on an $80 million home in Palm Springs, California, that is reportedly due to open in October 2018.

Carson has also been working to find ways to reduce the water damage that has plagued his home.

He recently said he is looking at “solar panels” on the deck, and plans to light it up with solar panels.

A source told Politico that Carson is looking into the possibility of lighting up the deck with solar energy panels, but he’s not sure how to do it.

A source close to the retired neuro surgeon told Politico, “Ben is working on the possibility to light his deck up, but the way he does it is still unclear.”

The source said Carson has not made a decision on lighting up or installing solar panels on the house yet, and will only announce the change once he has “made the right decision.”

It was unclear how much the source had learned about the retired surgeon’s plans for lighting up on the mansion’s deck.

However, the source said he believes Carson is going to install solar panels in the house to reduce water damage, but that he hasn’t yet been able to make the decision.

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