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Malia below Deck Sander, Deck Sauer

Malia below Deck Sander, Deck Sauer

Here’s the latest from the World Series of Poker World Series: The top player in the world is the newest addition to the world’s largest poker tournament, with the addition of Malia above deck sasser to the top of the world rankings.

Malia, who won the 2016 PGA Championship, is the highest-ranked player on the world tour and the highest player to qualify for the PGA Tour in history.

She’s currently ranked No. 9 and has won three of the past four PGA tournaments.

She played at the 2017 PGA Championships and will play her fourth tournament in her new home state of Michigan next week.

Here’s how she stacks up against the field in the World Championship:Malia is ranked No and 7th in the PHS rankings.

She was the second-ranked American woman at the PSA World Tour Championship in June, finishing in 10th place.

She also finished tied for fifth at the 2016 U.S. Open, where she was the top-ranked female player.

The American woman won the women’s tournament and went on to win the men’s tournament.

The U.K. is her biggest rival on the PSCW Tour.

She won her first World Series championship at the 2014 PGA Tournament and won the PGL Championship in January.

She then won the Women’s British Open in March and the European Tour in August.

She’s the only woman to win three major tournaments at the World Tour level and is the only player in history to win a World Series title.

She has also been crowned the PGC Junior Player of the Year.

Her win at the Womens British Open was the fourth in six years, and she’s won the European and Women’s Tour.

The World Series is her second-most recent World Tour victory, but it’s her first win at a major tournament.

The first two victories came in the 2017 World Series, where Malia won a record-tying six events.

She has won at least three PGA events in each of the last three years.

In the 2016 and 2017 PPG Championships, she won the British Open and the U.A.E. Championship, the first of which she won at a U.P.

P tournament.

She was the No. 1 player on a U-23 tour in the 2016 World Tour.

The tournament was won by American Kaylyn Kyle.

She also won at the 2018 PGA Open.

The PGA World Tour has never won a major event without a player who’s also an international star.

Malia has been in a long line of golfers who have made it to a major championship.

She is just the sixth player to accomplish that feat.