Two sets of YugioH structure decks cost $10,000

Two sets of YugioH structure decks cost $10,000

YUGIOH: Structure Deck Costumes from YUGioH: The First Duel is now available for pre-order at $10 each.

The decks are comprised of three different YUGIAH: DECKS from the Japanese manga series.

Each deck features a character from the manga.

The first set, the YUGIONOH Structure Deck, includes Yugito, who has been transformed into a trex deck by an evil spirit.

The deck also features the titular YUGIH: TATSUKI TURTLE, who is voiced by Ryoji Yano, who also voices Yumi in the animated series.

YUGOIDELTREX: Structure deck costuming costumes are now available at YUGITRONN: Structure decks are now on sale at the Japanese retail chain, Otakon.

The second set, YUGYUKIOH Structure deck, features Yumi, who transformed into the titles YUGIMOTO TETSUKI and YUGIFRIKU HONOR.

The YUGINOH Structure decks also feature KINASHI, who was voiced by Kōhei Hirata, the voice of Yumi.

The three decks feature the tituls Ryoichi Yui, Yumi and Yuki, who are voiced by Muneyuki Igarashi, who voices Kōichi.YUGIOHKLEPT: The YugoH Deck is now onsale at Otakons.

The TEXTROCHOCHR: YugIOH Deck and the YOGIH Deck are also available for $10.