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How to beat a bloody deck

How to beat a bloody deck

The bloodiest decks in Melbourne’s west and north have been revealed in a new video for a Melbourne horror-film.

Key points:The bloodiest deck is the infamous ‘Darling’ deck, created by horror-comedy writer Mark HaskinsBloody decks are popular in Melbourne and are the subject of a new documentary by Mark HankinsThe deck features a blood-soaked table, a chair, a bloody sink and a bloody stoolBloody deck creator Mark Hanks said it was “pretty scary”The film is based on Hanks novel ‘The Bloody Deck’ and features scenes from a Melbourne murder mystery that he said he was “really into”.

In the film, Hanks is shown watching a bloody scene from a murder mystery, before being confronted by a woman dressed in black who tells him she is the victim.

“I just thought, this is the perfect opportunity to create something that’s really horrific,” Hanks told

The bloody deck was created by Mark’s son, Matt, who said it is the “biggest deck ever made”and has been on his blog since 2012.

“The original Bloody Deck was created to be used in the horror genre but it is actually pretty scary,” he said.

“We used to have these horror movies where we would shoot them in a hotel room, and we’d just stand there, staring at the door, and then we’d get up and walk out.”

The Deck was designed by the father of Melbourne’s bloody deckers.

Matt HanksThe Deck featured a bloody table, chairs, a bloodstained sink and bloody stool”The most famous deck I’ve ever built was the one that was the victim of the [Gravett’s] murder,” Matt said.

The blood-filled table is located on the floor of the kitchen, while the chair is located in the corner of the living room.

“It’s pretty bloody, and the chair and the table are pretty bloody,” Matt explained.

Matt said it wasn’t a challenge to create a deck, as he “just had to do a few things”.

Matt said he would “just take something I had in my head and make it work”.

“I’m just not a big fan of building decks, I’m not a fan of them being dirty,” he added.

Matt’s brother Matt HanksMatt’s mother, Lisa, also created a bloody bed in their home for her daughter to use in a horror-fantasy.

Matt had been designing decks for years, and said the first deck was a very big challenge.

“My mum would build these bloody decks for me, and she would make them look like this,” he recalled.

“And I was like, ‘Oh no, no, I’ve got to do this.'”

Matt said his mother’s inspiration was a house in the US that was covered in blood, and it was a “really cool house” to have her use in his horror film.

“There’s just so much blood everywhere,” he explained.

“That was my inspiration for the Deck.”

Matt Hankings father said his inspiration to create the Deck was his motherLisa’s inspiration to make the DeckBloody Deck: A documentaryAbout 70% of Melbourne deckers have been killed over the years, according to Matt.

“In the early years, we used to shoot our decks in hotel rooms, and our deckers were always there,” he told News:au.

“So it’s just one of those things where it’s really hard to make a deck that’s going to be bloody, so you need to be really creative.”

Matt said the Deck’s first attempt at a bloody-styled dining table, in which the blood stains were hidden, was a disaster.

“When we got to the final version of the dining table we had a little bit of blood everywhere, so I took that down and then I made a table that’s actually made of wood,” he revealed.

Matt described the dining-table deck as “pretty bloody”.

“The chairs, the table, the sink, the stool, it’s pretty blood-stained,” he continued.

“But the real trick was I took the table down, and I made it into a chair so that I could sit on it, and so I could watch my daughter, my brother’s daughter, and sit on that chair.”

Matt has also designed a bloody kitchen sink and dining table for his daughter.

Bloody table from the original ‘The Bloody Kitchen’The Deck’s second attempt at the bloody-looking dining table failed, so Matt used a table covered in dried blood and made it look like a kitchen sink.

“This is actually an example of how I wanted to build a dining table in the first place,” he joked.

“With that table, it was just going to have a table and a chair and I could look at my daughter and sit and watch her eat.”

“That’s the only thing that we could do on that table,” Matt added.

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