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How to make the best of Brooklyn’s poop deck

How to make the best of Brooklyn’s poop deck

Brooklyn, New York—the borough where the Brooklyn Nets and the Brooklyn Dodgers once played—is a playground for poop jokes.

The poop deck, a place to hang out, play, and eat in public, is a local fixture and a regular part of Brooklyn life.

But its popularity has reached a tipping point.

In February, Brooklyn Councilman Ben Kallos proposed an ordinance that would require people to wear a poop deck to a public event.

It would also ban public displays of poop and poop-themed merchandise, including poop hats, poop shoes, and poop candles.

A spokesperson for Brooklyn Borough President Brad Lander, who supports the proposal, told Motherboard that the borough’s ordinance is “a common sense step that we want to encourage.”

The ordinance has also been backed by a coalition of business owners who want to raise awareness about the importance of public spaces for residents to enjoy their everyday lives.

It’s a change that would make life in Brooklyn more comfortable for the average person.

“Brooklyn is home to so many wonderful people and people that make our borough such a wonderful place to live,” Kallas spokesperson told Motherboards.

“The borough has been blessed to host so many amazing things over the years, including some of the most iconic moments in New York City’s history, but the borough has also faced many challenges, including gentrification and a growing number of drug-related crimes.

This ordinance would help us all to be better neighbors, to be more resilient, and to help ensure that our community has a strong and vibrant future.”

The poop card The poopdeck was created in 1987 by Brooklyn-based artist David “Poppo” Richardson, who had been living in the borough for over 20 years.

His idea was to create a “poop card,” a small card that people could carry around to keep track of their poop.

He also designed a sticker to accompany the card that would identify the location of the poop, the day of the week it was picked up, and the time of day it was collected.

“Poop is the most ubiquitous thing in our city, and it’s an invisible part of our lives,” Richardson told Motherboarding.

“It’s something that people take for granted, and I wanted to create an art that was a fun way to remember it and be reminded of it.

We made a card with poop and a sticker that could be displayed anywhere, like a poster, in the public square, or in your car.”

Richardson also created a sticker featuring a photo of himself holding a bag of poop, which he called the “Brooklin Poo Card.”

“I wanted it to have a bit of a pooh-factor because you could just see where it was,” Richardson said.

“In Brooklyn, there’s a lot of poop.

I wanted it so that people would be able to recognize it and make a connection with it.”

The Brooklyn poop card was one of several cards that Richardson and a number of other artists created for the borough.

The cards were eventually turned into a mural in 2013.

The borough has a population of about 1.5 million people, according to the boroughs statistics, and Richardson told the Times-Picayune that there are around 30,000 poop cards left in Brooklyn.

But the poop deck has been a constant fixture for Brooklyners, who have come to rely on it as a means to communicate.

It became the subject of a documentary, Brooklyn: The Story of Poop, which screened in Brooklyn in 2014.

The documentary also featured photographs of Richardson and his poop deck.

Richardson told New York Magazine that he hoped to continue to create and sell the poop card, but that it had “gotten too old.”

In a statement to Motherboard, Richardson explained that he plans to keep the poop cards and the mural together, but wants to continue producing and selling them.

“I just wanted to get it out there to encourage people to stop doing it,” he said.


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