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What’s next for The Division’s new community editor?

What’s next for The Division’s new community editor?

The new community team that Ubisoft announced today for The Dark Below is looking to make the community editor a feature that users can access, rather than a separate tool.

The Dark Within community editor has been under heavy development since the last major update in May, and Ubisoft said it will be a “multi-platform and cross-platform application.”

While The Dark Ings community editor for Destiny, which launched in January, will still be available to play, Ubisoft said that The Dark Inside community editor will “only work on Windows, Mac and Linux.”

The editor will be open to developers, and will allow them to add a new section or feature to the game.

In The Dark Amongst the Fallen community editor, users can add a description, a link to a community post, and even make a new forum thread.

The developer also said that they will be making community posts available to members, as well.

The community editor is being built by Ubisoft Montreal.

The team is working on an official beta, but we have some time to wait before we can share more details.

The studio said that it plans to release The Dark Athena community editor later this year, but will not say how long that might be.

It will be the first time that developers will be able to use the editor on PC and consoles, and it will likely be the last.

We’ll update you with any further information we can get.

The game is now open for beta testing, and you can read more about it in our coverage from the last few days.

For now, check out our review of The Dark Before the Dark Below.

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